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  1. The Best Projectors for Churches in 2022

    Finding the best projector for a church is a unique challenge. Churches and places of worship are truly spectacular buildings, whatever the size. But they come in an array of unusual shapes and sizes which aren’t always projector-friendly. 

    We know that those responsible for maintaining these beautiful properties can find it tricky to find the best projector for their church because no two churches are alike, and many churches were not designed with modern technology in mind. Even so, churches remain at the heart of so many communities up and down the UK, and with our advice you can pick the best projector to present to you congregation.

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  2. The Best Projectors for Churches in 2021

    Churches and places of worship aren’t like most conventional buildings, due to the array of unusual shapes and sizes they come in. Traditional Christian churches occupy buildings that are older than most, often listed, but more modern churches can be designed to be more futureproof.

    We know that t

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  3. Business as Usual? How to Set Up Video Conferencing for Your Business during COVID-19

    Millions of people across the globe have been working from home during the pandemic - although some businesses are now returning to the office. This places a high reliance on video conferencing technology to facilitate the day to day running of businesses.

    In this article we’ll look at our t

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  4. What is Collaboration in 2020?

    The world has turned upside down in 2020. No one could have predicted the events that have unfolded and the transformative effects they’ve had on the way the world works.


    The 2019 ONS l

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  5. Embrace the ‘New Normal’ and Work from Home in Comfort

    Working from home is usually the exception, not the rule. But the current lockdown has thrown away the rulebook. As more of us are working from home than ever before, this stay-at-home working revolution is changing how we go about our business.

    Expectations are on the up as we look to replicate

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  6. Office Projectors in 2020: Better, Brighter, Cheaper

    New year, new technology. As offices across the country fill up in the days after the festive holidays, it’s almost back to business as usual.

    But in 2020, just what is ‘business as usual’ when it comes to audiovisual technology? There have been some major transformations in the market over

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  7. Projectors in 2019 – The Trends to Watch

    The last 12 months have presented a number of fascinating trends within the industry of projector technology. Demands for high-resolution projectors has remained solid from big business, but the kind of projectors they have been looking for has shifted, as new specs have proved increasingly popular.

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  8. The Best 4000 Lumen Business Projectors – November 2019

    One thing that businesses always come back to is that search for a projector that is not only capable of displaying crisp, clear images, but also a device that will stand the test of time as their business needs evolve.

    They’re looking for equipment that will show a great image, even if their m

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  9. A Guide To HDBaseT - What It Is and Do You Need It?

    The emerging technology known as HDBaseT seems to be the ultimate solution for consolidating multiple AV signal transmissions over a single cable. Yes, you heard it right, just one cable!

    Essentially, it allows multiple signals to be transmitted over a low-cost CAT 6 cable or above, allowing for

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  10. 2018 Projectorpoint Business Bestsellers: Which Projector is Best for My Office?

    When you’re confronted with the vast range of projectors on the market, it can often be difficult to work out where your office or business needs sit. Most of our customers are searching for a decent projector for a reasonable budget, with robust technology that won’t bec

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