1. The Best Office Projectors of Summer 2018

    When searching for their dream projector, our customers often find that the most difficult thing is: where to start? There’s a seemingly endless list of models from a long list of manufacturers all designed to be ideal for slightly different situations. And the likelihood of even a relatively tech-savvy buyer being able to choose the best one from the overly large and confusing range is generally pretty slim.

    So if you’re looking to spruce up your office projector setup for the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll need a bit of advice to get your started. To give you a hand, we’ve bought together our top picks for a few different setups right here.

    Best for value

    ProjectorLumensResolutionPrice (Excl. VAT)
    Optoma X3403,1001024x768px£285.00
    BenQ MX5703,2001024x768px£315.00
    NEC ME301x3,0001024x768px£349.00


    HD (1920x1080px) resolution is very fast becoming the industry standard for entry level projection. But if you’re looking to get the most cost-effective projector for your budget, yo

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  2. The All New, All Laser Sony Projectors: Now Available to Buy!

    If you paid attention to our blog at the start of the year, you’d have noticed us getting pretty excited about the unveiling of some new premium projectors from Sony.

    Well now we’re even more excited – they’ve just been released and are available to purchase immediately. These are among the finest laser projectors on the market today, with some pretty competitive prices to go with them.

    If you’re looking to get a new projector for your office, meeting space or lecture theatre, you can’t get much better than a Sony projector

    Here’s a look at the latest range.

    Sony’s new laser projectors

    Sony announced five new projectors back at the 2018 ISE conference - all of which are now available to buy from Projectorpoint.

    These new models constitute some of the best projectors you’re going to find in the business projector sector. The range caters for a wide variety of applications, so here’s a quick run through of our three picks of the five in the new line-up. But before we get started…

    What’s the benefit of laser anyway?

    Before these new models were even a blip on the ISE agenda, we dedicated a few blogs to the benefits of laser projection at the back end of last year. It’s worth taking a moment to remind ourselves what’s so fantastic about laser projection.

    Laser projectors offers faster setup, better quality projection, negligible maintenance, and generally a much longer lifespan than traditional lamp projectors. Sure, you’ll pay a bit extra initially, but you’d be surprised just how quickly the cost of replacement lamps can add up – to the point that your lifetime cost of ownership may well be cheaper with a laser proj

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  3. The Sony VW260ES: Is Native 4K Worth the Price?

    Sony’s VW260ES is about as close to an objectively premium native 4K projector as you’re likely to find anywhere at this price point. Unlike most projectors on the market, it features genuine native 4K resolution, that’s 8 million pixels on both the panel and the screen, which we can assure you is a whole lot rarer than you’d think.

    What’s the Sony VW260ES all about?

    Of course, the native 4K resolution is the headline-grabbing feature of this model, but there’s plenty more to it than that. It features premium SXRD projection technology, horizontal and vertical lens shifting, as well as a 3-year warranty on the model itself, and a 1-year warranty on the lamp.

    The question is – is it worth the price? And are home cinema projector enthusiasts going to be able to justify buying it even with this stunning tech potential?

    Let’s look at some reviews

    To get a good idea of whether it’s worth stretching to Sony’s price tag, it’s worth having a look at what some of the tech experts across the industry thought.

    Trusted Reviews

    Trusted Reviews takes an optimistic view of the price tag, even going so far as to call it ‘comfortably the cheapest ever native 4K projector’. It does still however concede that the price tag remains a significant jump up from the pseudo-4K alternatives.

    A look through their review will leave you in no doubt that the technology is worth the price. Citing such benefits as the quality of the native 4K resolution, well-handled HDR and motorised high-zoom lenses, the verdict certainly makes a

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  4. Set Your Office or Pub Up for the Future with the World Cup 2018

    The World Cup doesn’t come around often – so it’s a pretty momentous occasion when it does. Football fans everywhere will want to celebrate in style and if they’re not able to attend a match in person, there’s little better than watching it on a big projector screen at the pub with your mates. Failing that, a lot of us have to make do with watching it in one of the office meeting rooms if the boss allows it!

    If you’re the pub landlord, it’s on you to deliver that big screen. Fortunately, you’re not just making a purchase for a single sporting event; the right projector should set you up for a good few years with a fantastic screen to showcase future sporting events, music and more.

    Projectorpoint is here to help you find the right device for your needs and your budget. We’re celebrating the 2018 World Cup with some top-rate offers on just the kind of projectors you’re going to need to make the World Cup a real event.

    BenQ MH733

    “This model is truly difficult to beat from a price vs. spec perspective.”

    The MH733 is a typical example of BenQ combining great quality tech with great value. You’ll hear plenty about that elsewhere on our blog – but for the purposes of the 2018 World Cup, this model is a pretty safe bet.

    At just £620.00 (Ex-VAT), the MH733 is truly difficult to beat from a price vs. spec perspective. If you’re looking to the World Cup 2018 as an excus

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  5. 4 Projectors to Make the 2018 Fifa World Cup an Experience to Remember

    The World Cup is certainly a momentous, memorable and indeed – rare experience for football fans everywhere. The four-year cycle of the World Cup makes it an occasion to savour and remember. For many football fans, the World Cup is the biggest event on the calendar.

    Perhaps you’ve managed to get your hands on some tickets for this year’s matches. If not, why not consider the next best thing and get up close and personal with the action on a projector screen?

    Investing in a top quality projector and a projector screen is more affordable than ever and this year Projectorpoint have got some brilliant offers on a range of top quality BenQ projectors.

    So get your friends together, enjoy close-ups like you’ve never seen them before, and make a real memory out of watching England get knocked out. Again. Just kidding, let’s keep the hope alive!


    BenQ W1050

    So you want to enjoy the football season on a big screen – but you’re not looking to blow the bank on it. After all, the World Cup does only come round once every four years. Well luckily, BenQ have got you covered. In fact, BenQ specialise in bringing fantastic technology to the market at an accessible price point, something we’ve written about more than just a couple of times on this blog.

    Let’s start with the BenQ W1050. The projector comes in at a surprisingly low £468.00, which for full HD

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  6. Epson Home Cinema Projectors: Great Prices and Even Greater Tech

    Those of you who pay attention to our blog will probably have noticed that we spend a lot of time talking about the “accessible” projector market. And rightly so, seeing great technology get more and more affordable is one of the most exciting things about this industry. There’s a huge range of great projectors out there at lower than ever prices.

    But of course, the accessible market is an entry point to much more … if you’ve got the cash. Customers with that little bit more budget to play with often want to find out just how significant an upgrade they can get without a significant upgrade in price (look at Sony for native 4K!).

    For the mass market, Epson’s home cinema projectors are leading the pack, offering some of the best deals around for people with moderate budgets keen to get the best tech for their money.

    If the time is finally right for you to rejig your home cinema setup, then Epson could well be what you’re looking for. Here are some of their best projectors for under £3,000.


    Epson EH-TW6700

    The Epson EU-TW6700 is a great piece of cutting edge technology at a price low enough to make BenQ just a little bit nervous. Full HD resolution, 3,500 hours of lamp life and a contrast ratio of 70,000:1 are attributes to find all in one package at just a nudge under £1,300.

    Whoever goes forth and

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  7. The Best High Lumen Business Projectors

    We don’t often need to convince people they need an office projector. In fact, we’ve been through the reasons for that pretty thoroughly before. What does occasionally require a bit of explanation is why it’s worth making the jump up in price and technology to a high brightness office projector.

    Do I need a high brightness projector in the office?

    Office projectors are used in vastly different contexts than home cinema projectors. Lounges, front rooms and (if you’re lucky to have one) dedicated home cinemas, tend to be intimate spaces with far less natural light than offices. The bright office environment, on the other hand, poses a challenge to those looking to maintain the same clarity and brightness in a projected image.

    More natural light means projectors have to work harder for the images to be seen. Where home cinemas can generally get away with numbers as low as 2,000-3,000 lumens – an office projector is going to need something like 5,000-6,000 to achieve the same effect in a brightly lit office where you can’t simply pull the curtains shut.

    The challenges of office projection

    Brightness isn’t the only thing that makes office projectors unique. Think of your standard meeting room setup. Chances are there are more people in the room than there would be in your home cinema and some of these people in the office will be a lot further away from the projector screen too. The truth is you’re going to need more powerful tech to maintain the same level of clarity, detail and brightness.

    The challenge increases when you consider that a meeting room isn’t the only workplace environment where you might put your projector to work. Many companies are finding a great deal of value in displaying target

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  8. Stunning Sony Projectors to Take Your Meetings to the Next Level

    Sony projectors have a reputation as the best of the best. That’s right, if projectors were supermarkets, Sony would be Waitrose.

    If your focus is on price first – then Sony’s probably not for you. But if you demand image clarity, quality and longevity from your office projector and you can afford to look at the price tag as a piece of the jigsaw that achieves it, then you’re in the right place.

    For many businesses, getting the best tech on show is about much more than an indulgence. Think about the kind of businesses that are making use of the top technology on the market right now: architects, tech start-ups, design agencies. If you work for one of these companies, you don’t need us to tell you how vital it is to demonstrate to potential clients that you’re at the cutting edge of what you do. Only the best will do in these competitive and fast-paced industries.

    When it comes to competing at the very top, there’s no better projector than Sony for your presentations, meetings and events. Here’s a look at some of the very best Sony office projectors across the range.

    Sony VPL-CH375

    If you’re looking for first-rate technology for your meeting room, the Sony VPL-CH375 should be on your list. This model’s spec is amazing for the price and comes at just £1,440.00 (ex VAT).

    The VPL-CH375 is perfect for businesses with a smaller budget who still want to look every bit as professional and forward facing as their larger contemporaries. So even if you’re budget conscious, this ticks all the boxes.

    Complete with 5,000 lumens brightness and full WUXGA resolution, this model

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  9. It’s Time to Get Serious about that Home Cinema Dream

    Plenty of people have big plans to get their dream home cinema projector setup sorted out. One day.

    Whether it’s a simple HD projector that’ll play all your DVDs and blu-rays, or a more upmarket 4K UHD home cinema projector that’ll display new blockbusters in all their detailed glory – we think it’s time for you to get your home cinema in place today.

    Top quality projector technology is more accessible than ever with great devices available for just about any budget. To get you started, we’ve brought together a selection of the best projectors available across various different price ranges.

    If you’re unsure of what to choose – look no further. Here are some of our favourite home cinema projectors.

    BenQ W2000

    At a competitive starting price of £706.80 inc. VAT, the BenQ W2000 is a remarkable option to start off the list. Complete with 2,000 lumens brightness, and full HD resolution, this device has all the essentials of home cinema projection in a handy, lightweight package.

    This isn’t the flashiest model on this list, but it’s certainly good value for money, containing features and specifications that would have commanded a much higher price tag just a year or two ago – like vertical lens shift to assist in installation flexibility – and a crisp, clear image that is rare at this price range.

    • Brightness: 2,000 lumens.
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080px Full HD
    • Lamp Life: 3,500 hours
    • Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1
    • Weight: 3.6 KGs
    • Price
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  10. The BenQ W1700: 4K UHD Resolution at a Market-Shifting Price

    The BenQ W1700 aims to bridge the gap between affordable projection and high quality 4K resolution.

    It comes in at around £500 less than its rivals in this bracket of quality at a very reasonable £1,439 inc VAT. However, BenQ’s latest home cinema projector still displays 8.3 million distinct pixels on screen, delivering images that far surpass those of its HD predecessors.

    This performance is made possible through ‘pseudo’ 4K UHD pixel shifting technology. Unlike native 4K, 4K UHD uses a lower resolution display panel to project the same pixels twice, slightly shifted, creating a crisper image than HD alternative without commanding the £5,000 starting price of its native 4K cinema-standard counterparts.

    It’s certainly a bold statement from BenQ, and we think it could mark a turning point in terms of 4K affordability. Here’s what some of the market’s top tech reviewers think about the latest BenQ model.


    TechRadar describes the BenQ W1700 as a “no-brainer” for home cinema projector buyers, offering the attractive combination of affordability and competitive 4K performance. It argues, in fact, that the device is threatening to encourage the budget-conscious buyer away from cheaper big-screen televisions and towards the now-affordable private home cinema experience.

    The TechRadar review also champions the W1700’s sturdy design and use of a single chip to create 4K resolution via pixel shifting, which they conclude is never visible on screen contrary to the arguments of many 4K purists. On the other hand, the review notes the main drawbacks of the BenQ as the lack of HDMI

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