The latest home cinema system from M-Vision has received an excellent projector review, praising its “jaw-dropping colour and clarity”.

Writing for Wired, Rick Broida noted that the M-Vision Cine 230 will bring neighbours rushing round with popcorn ready to sit and watch the latest films on your home cinema. The box projects well on to a ten-foot screen, using a 1.85-2.40 lens to provide plenty of zoom variety for people to help with different placements.

In terms of connectivity, the Cine 230 features two HDMI ports. While some customers might require more, Mr Broida said, all of the connectivity basics are covered.

With a reasonable price tag that doesn’t come with the “need for a second mortgage”, the Cine 230 projector’s only minor flaw appears to be its inability to screen really deep blacks. But this issue is only likely to be a problem to the most fussy of film-fans. For everyone else, the projector review stated, the Cine 230 offers “cinema-quality images for a matinee price”.

The projector has already received resounding reviews from other sources, with Scott Wilkinson of Home Theater Magazine giving it a ‘Top Pick’ rating. He praised the gorgeous colour, exquisite detail, excellent shadow detail, exceptional video processing, and stellar optics in particular.