Heads up display (HUD) manufacturer Lumus, known for its military-grade products, has revealed new consumer-aimed augmented reality (AR) glasses.

The two-tone DK-40 developer kit has been designed to rival similar alternative reality eyewear products, but features a 640 x 480 display across the entire right lens. This enables graphics to be overlaid directly on top of the real-word view, rather than requiring graphics to slide in separate notifications.

The glasses are powered by Lumus' Light-guide Optical Element (LOE), a tiny projector that displays images onto a special lens to produce a see-through graphic. Used previously by the company for industrial and military customers, the technology has already been integrated into helmet displays.

The consumer-aimed glasses feature VGA-resolution display with 25-degree field of view integrated into the right lens, while the block on the side of the glasses includes the 5-megapixel camera, processor, battery and sensors to enable projection.

The Lumus DK-40 glasses run on Android technology with an OMAP processor and the motion sensor comes complete with 9 degrees-of-freedom to enable precise head tracking.

Completely wire-free, this new addition to the AR glasses market is expected to be launched at CES 2014 conference in January 2014.