A project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter is set to herald the launch of the first camera-equipped interactive projector for the domestic market.

Looking to launch in 2014, the LUMO projector brings the excitement of interactive floor projection into homes using a camera-equipped projector installation similar to those found in science centres, museums and other public places.

Each LUMO projector is self-contained in a single unit, removing the necessity of a separate camera, motion sensor and computer alongside the projector. This ensures that the projector can be easily suspended above any room, no matter what the size, or even projected against a wall.

The LUMO projector, which is the world's first interactive projector produced for children, will also come with a huge library of downloadable games and applications to ensure that children and adults alike are able to enjoy the innovative device from early childhood through to their teenage years and beyond.

Although the LUMO is currently still raising funds on Kickstarter, it is expected to launch a production version in exchange for a £300 donation, giving investors the opportunity to try the new projector before it hits the shelves next year.