The Rainforest Cafe in London has introduced two new floor-based displays linked to video projectors which make its tropical forest experience even more interactive for young guests.

The largest family restaurant in the capital, the Rainforest Cafe in Piccadilly Circus, has recently upgraded its facilities and installed Living Floor systems by i-Sub Digital Solutions. Using a video projector and an infrared tracking system, along with a graphics PC running bespoke software, the new system allows customers to 'play' with digital images of animals and change the displays using their hands and feet.

The two Living Floors – one of which is located at the foot of the stairs as customers enter the restaurant area - comprises moving leaves, frogs and fish. Once customers enter the projection area, the leaves appear to blow around their feet whilst wildlife appears.

The second Living Floor is located deeper within the restaurant and offers a projected ground-level fishpond. The fish dart away once visitors step onto the projected images.

Emma Plant, director at i-Sub Digital Solutions, said: “High-end projectors and bespoke software applications were specified to meet the requirements at the Rainforest Cafe: a 3m ceiling height, fairly bright ambient light and a final image area of 4 x 3m dictated that a normal system would not suffice.

“In addition, the final Living Floor was shaped to emulate a typical rainforest pond and stream, to make the effect as realistic as possible and fit in with the whole theme of the restaurant’s interior design and functionality,” she added.