The Ritz cinema in Burnham-on-Sea is finally getting a taste of the 3D movie phenomenon that is taking the country by storm, as a result of its new state-of-the-art 3D projector.

The cinema has invested £75,000 in purchasing the new projector, which is being installed this week ready for the first 3D screening on Friday. The cinema will show the Oscar-nominated movie Avatar this month and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland next month.

The owners of the cinema, Beryl and Pat Scott, said, “we’re very excited to have bought a brand new digital projector that will enable us o launch our first 3D screening later this week.”

Pat added that the purchase of the 3D projector has generated a lot of interest already and that the new technology will help to generate ticket sales far exceeding the £75,000 spent.

Pat added, “3D is the current buzz word in the cinema world and we want The Ritz to be a part of it.”

3D screens are available in a limited number of cinemas in the West Country. Along with Burnham-on-Sea, there are also 3D screens in Bristol, Barnstable, Taunton and Truro.