Livingstone hospital installs projector in children's ward
The St John's Hospital in Livingstone has invested in a new projector installation, which was designed as part of various efforts to boost the environment in the children's ward at the institution.

Two players from Hibernian FC, captain David Gray and defender Liam Fontaine, joined the staff and patients at the hospital to open to newly refurbished space in the children's ward. The space-themed play room is the focal point of the work and has been designed to create a fresh and engaging space for the young patients.

A projector installation has played a key role in the creation of this space. The device is a floor projector, which helps create an interactive play space for young people.

In addition to the projector, the room has space-themed lighting and the latest in entertainment technology, including Xboxes and Game Cubes. Books, paints and portable DVD players also help keep the children entertained while they are between appointments.

Hibs' skippers David Gray commented: “I attended St. John’s Hospital some time ago with my daughter Ivy due to illness. When I returned for the opening of the playroom I was immediately struck by the difference in the room.

“The playroom is now a light and bright space which is welcoming to children and their families. I particularly like the games area and I know Ivy would love the interactive projector.”

Jordan MacDonald, play assistant at St John's Hospital, added that the team are “delighted” with the new room, adding that the equipment will help “make children feel more at ease while visiting the hospital”.

The new play room was funded by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.