Optoma have launched a lightweight projector which delivers images through the use of LEDs rather than a traditional projector lamp.

The ML500, as reviewed by PC Magazine, offers a brightness that is above that of most pico projectors or palmtops. However, it is not quite up to scratch against standard projectors.

It does offer a higher resolution and it has the major advantage of being lightweight and easy to transport, and with 500 lumens of brightness is adequate for use with a certain level of ambient light.

In terms of connections, the ML500 is pretty standard. It comes with a VGA port for connecting a computer or component video source, an HDMI port, and S-video and composite video ports.

There is also a miniplug jack for audio input or audio plus composite video with an appropriate adapter. A USB port makes it possible to use the system with a USB memory stick, thus improving the projector's portability once again.

An internal memory of 2GB and an SD car slot also increase the options when it comes to using the system on the go.

The main problem with the system, according to the magazine's projector review, is its tendency to scale the image due to the mirror arrangement on the DLP chip, which make it impossible to have a true native resolution. Fortunately this only tends to occur on images with repeating patterns over a large area.