Lightspeed Design reveals new projector

Lightspeed Design has revealed the latest new projector to be added to its range of devices.

The company announced that the DepthQ HDs3D2 will be joining its line of patented DepthQ projectors that can deliver 3D images.

DepthQ projectors are currently the only single-chip 3D projectors on the market that are authorised to use Lightspeed Design's patented 3D system and method.

The DepthQ HDs3D2 has a range of new features, including HDMI 1.4 connectivity and full HD resolution 1080P 2D and 3D.

It is small and lightweight, weighing just seven pounds, while Lightspeed Design claims it takes just five minutes to get the device set up and running.

The company said: "Work live in 3D-enabled applications; quality control 3D film or video game development; bring 3D movies and games into your home."

Lightspeed Design has a range of top clients, including NASA, Boeing, Pfizer and Roche, while Disney, Dreamworks, NHK, Nintendo, Sony, Harvard, Stanford and the US government all use the company's technology as well.

As well as its range of portable 3D DLP projectors, Lightspeed Design also manufactures stereoscopic video capture and playback software, handles custom installations and support and looks after 2D and 3D production and design.

Earlier in the year, Lightspeed Design announced the launch of DepthQ CineBright, which is a high-brightness passive polarisation solution specifically designed for 3D digital cinema.

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