Top electronics brand, LG, has announced a brand new addition to its projector range in the form of its Hecto system, which projects HD video onto a 100-inch screen from just 22-inches away.

The pioneering laser system will be on display at the 2013 International CES trade show being held in Las Vegas on January 8-11. The system is part of LG’s mission to change the way in which people think about home cinema set-ups, using an ultra short-throw projection unit to create full-HD 1080p images for optimal viewing quality.

The short-throw capabilities of the projector mean that it can be placed very close to the projection screen – even on the floor – making it an ideal operation for homes or offices with minimal space.

The projection unit is WiFi enabled, giving it Smart TV and Digital TV functionality allowing for web browsing and video on demand services, and it also has three HDMI ports, a 10W speaker and comes with LG’s Magic Remote for ease of operation. As a laser projector, the system also has an extra-long lifespan, capable of operating for 25,000 hours of viewing – more than five-times longer than conventional mercury lamps.