1. LG releases portable Minibeam projector

    International technology giant LG has released a brand new portable projector designed to be as mobile as possible.

    The new LG Minibeam projector, which resembles the style of an old-fashioned teapot, has been designed to stand up in almost any environment while projecting on a wall or a ceiling and features integrated 3W speaker technology for mobile audio.

    Complete with a cradle that acts as a battery pack, the Minibeam can run for up to two hours without a power outlet and weighs just over 1kg, making it easy to carry from one location to another. The portable projector also

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  2. LG flaunts latest laser projector

    On Sunday 19 January, LG Electronics used its Music Lodge showcase at the Sundance Film Festival to create a VIP lounge and present its latest LG 100-inch laser television projector to a number of special guests.

    Powered by the company's Full HD short-throw projector with integrated laser lighting system, the images projected at the showcase were 1080p in resolution and 150 nit in brightness.

    The laser projection system, which requires only 22 inches between the light source and the screen, is designed with a 100 inch six-layered custom screen and deflects ambient light

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  3. Panasonic joins HDBaseT Alliance as contributor

    Panasonic has joined the HDBaseT Alliance, a consortium of companies that works to promote HDBaseT technology, as a contributor member.

    Founded by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures and Valens Semiconductor, HDBaseT technology focuses on the distribution of HD video through a single LAN cable.

    Panasonic has played an important role in the development and promotion of HDBaseT technology since its introduction in 2010. The company also offers nearly 20 HDBaseT-enabled projectors and displays, including a 1080p lamp-free professional projector.

    Also referred

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  4. LG's new PG65U projector offers style and substance

    LG’s new portable projector is said to have both style and substance, with the looks of a 1950s camera and the spec of an up-to-the-minute device.

    The PG65U projector is a portable LED projector that comes complete with an external battery, making it easy to pack away and transport.

    The 500 lumen bulb is guaranteed to last for 30,000 hours, making it perfect for business or home cinema uses. The device also boasts a “respectable 1280×800 native resolution,” reports Gizmodo.

    The screen can be enlarged to 125 inches in diameter, meaning that home

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  5. LG's Hecto home projection system to display at CES 2013

    Top electronics brand, LG, has announced a brand new addition to its projector range in the form of its Hecto system, which projects HD video onto a 100-inch screen from just 22-inches away.

    The pioneering laser system will be on display at the 2013 International CES trade show being held in Las Vegas on January 8-11. The system is part of LG’s mission to change the way in which people think about home cinema set-ups, using an ultra short-throw projection unit to create full-HD 1080p images for optimal viewing quality.

    The short-throw capabilities of the projector mean that

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  6. projectiondesign launches HDBaseT projector

    International projector manufacturer, projectiondesign, has thrown its support behind the HDBaseT interface, by launching a new high-resolution projector that is equipped with the technology.

    The new projector is the product of development work by Valens Semiconductor, one of the part-founders of the HDBaseT Alliance. The model was unveiled last week at the HDBaseT stand at the Infocomm 2012 trade event, which took place in Las Vegas last week.

    The marketing director of projectiondesign, Anders Løkke, said that they were extremely confident with the role that HDBaseT would

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  7. LG suspending projector range for six months

    South Korean projector manufacturer, LG, has suspended its range of projectors due to a supply chain problem- but has strongly emphasised that the suspension is only temporary.

    The company’s distribution channel sales manager for the UK, Mark Weston, said that the suspension would only last for six months, while the component supply was sorted out, and denied the rumour that the company might pull out of the projector market.

    He said that the matter concerned Chinese-manufactured lenses which had not been supplied in sufficient capacity to maintain LG’s levels of

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  8. LG to launch e-paper display in Europe next month

    Korean consumer technology pioneer, LG, is to launch its newest effort in electronic displays in Europe next month, with the launch of its flexible e-paper display.

    The 6-inch display is one of the first pieces of technology of its kind to be launched to consumers, and offers unprecedented flexibility and durability. The plastic device cannot be folded or rolled yet, but can be bent up to 40 degrees, while still offering an impressive 1024 x 768 resolution.

    The head of operations for LG Display's mobile/OLED division, Sang Duck Yeo, said that their intention for the device

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  9. Lens offers projector possibilities for smartphones

    Projectors could be a feature of smartphones in the future thanks to an innovative new lens.

    The Alps company has developed the FLG3 Series lens, which measures a tiny 1mmx1mmx0.9mm. The creation is not entirely new, but it does offer a significantly improved level of coupling efficiency at 73 per cent, compared to earlier models which clocked up around 68 per cent efficiency.

    At the moment, it is necessary to carry a separate pico projector if you want a small device for use on the go. But by improving this efficiency, the manufacturer can create a lens which consumes less power

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  10. 'Europe's largest 3D screen' to entertain pub-goers

    A Dublin pub has installed what is thought to be Europe’s largest 3D TV screen powered by a projector.

    The 200 inch screen was custom-made by UK Company Extreme Screens for The Living Room to show major sports events.

    The giant screen is being driven by an LG CF3D projector which transmits full HD pictures through a single lens. This projector’s specifications include 2,500 lumens brightness and a 7,000:1 contrast ratio.

    Extreme Screens claims it is Europe’s biggest 3D screen - it is so large that the doors of the pub had to be removed to get it inside.

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