LG unveils Minibeam portable projectors
Top projector manufacturer LG has announced the launch of three new projectors as part of its Minibeam projector line.

The new PH550, PW1000, and PW1500 projectors feature both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for increased freedom and portability, allowing customers to project images and videos in almost any environment.

According to LG, the PH550 is dubbed as the most portable, providing "triple wire-free connectivity" via Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth and an internal battery that allows the projector to run for 2.5 hours without a power source. The Wi-Fi feature also allows users to mirror a smartphone or tablet screen for increased flexibility.

Similarly, the PW1500 and PW1000 provide wireless connectivity, while also providing impressive brightness levels of 1,000 and 1,500 lumens, respectively, for a performance that's ideal for any type of content.

Commenting on the new projector line up, Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG's Home Entertainment Company, stated that the firm was excited to be able to introduce the new Minibeam series to consumers.

He continued: "With more variety than ever before, LG Minibeam projectors offer enhanced portability with wireless connectivity for an enjoyable viewing experiencing anytime, anywhere."

The launch coincides with the addition of the new PF1000U projector to the LG's range. The award-winning model boasts extreme portability, claiming to be the only Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector in the world weighing less than 2kg.

Despite its portability, the LG PF1000U is still able to project an image of 100-inches onto any surface at a distance of just 15 inches, making it a versatile device suitable for almost any situation.

LG's new projector series will become available for consumer purchase in the US and key European markets by the first quarter of 2016, but they are set to make their first appearance in January at the CES 2016 conference.