Korean consumer technology pioneer, LG, is to launch its newest effort in electronic displays in Europe next month, with the launch of its flexible e-paper display.

The 6-inch display is one of the first pieces of technology of its kind to be launched to consumers, and offers unprecedented flexibility and durability. The plastic device cannot be folded or rolled yet, but can be bent up to 40 degrees, while still offering an impressive 1024 x 768 resolution.

The head of operations for LG Display's mobile/OLED division, Sang Duck Yeo, said that their intention for the device – which is comparable in size to Amazon’s popular Kindle e-reader – was for it to “help greatly popularise the e-book market”.

“Based on our success in mass-producing plastic EPD, we are excited as we look toward applying concepts from this experience to future developments like plastic OLED and flexible displays,” he said.

The e-paper is 0.7 centimetres thick and weighs just 14 grams, thanks to the elimination of the weighty screen-protection measures needed on conventional e-readers. LG has been able to ready it for mass production through the high TFT process which is usually used in LCD manufacturing.