South Korean projector manufacturer, LG, has suspended its range of projectors due to a supply chain problem- but has strongly emphasised that the suspension is only temporary.

The company’s distribution channel sales manager for the UK, Mark Weston, said that the suspension would only last for six months, while the component supply was sorted out, and denied the rumour that the company might pull out of the projector market.

He said that the matter concerned Chinese-manufactured lenses which had not been supplied in sufficient capacity to maintain LG’s levels of inventory.

“We are not officially pulling out,” Mr Weston explained. “But we have a six-month gap. We expect to have more stock in September.”

The models of the brand’s projectors that have been affected by the supply chain problem include the BX254, BX274, BX286, BX501B, HX300G and HS200. Mr Weston said that it was the projectors designed for general-business desktop or meeting-room kit that were worst affected, and that still-plentiful components for the high-end 3D projectors could not be easily used as substitutes.

The company has enough in supply to cover current back orders and Mr Weston said the problem could not have been predicted.