LG has revealed its latest HD projector, with the HD MiniBeam (model PH300) hailed as the company's smallest portable projection unit yet.

The device will be available in several countries from this month and LG stated that the projector has "exceptional mobility"

LG also noted that the device offers users a high quality viewing experience, while a range of advanced technologies have been incorporated into the projector too.

The projector is highlighted by a durable, long-life LED light source of up to 30,000 hours and the battery lasts for more than two hours before needing to be charged up. The brightness level of the projector is 300 lumens.

In-kyu Lee, vice president and head of LG Electronics' TV division at LG Electronics, said: "The new LG HD MiniBeam is an ingenious device that can be enjoyed just about anytime and anywhere.

"It allows users to turn any flat surface into a display - both indoors and outdoors - and immerse themselves in crystal-clear HD quality images."

The LG HD MiniBeam (model PH300) is able to project bright and crisp images on a surface of up to 100 inches, the company added.

LG's last projector launch was the versatile Bluetooth MiniBeam projector (model PW700), which was released in European markets in September. The device has specifications including 700 lumens of brightness, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and a 1280x800 resolution despite weighing no more than a bottle of water.