As any home cinema enthusiast will know, trying to watch films and TV on a projector in a brightly lit room isn’t always easy. We all love light, but not so much when we’re trying to watch Breaking Bad - too much of it simply washes everything away and makes it nigh on impossible to watch.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Tech Radar reports that projector firm LG has just announced the ProBeam, its laser engine video projector that can emit an impressive 2,000 lumens of brightness - an amount the company says will keep a clear image even in a bright room.

Now, while this level of brightness isn’t a first, it’s a level usually found in projectors designed for corporate use, which tend to be more expensive, not to mention cumbersome.

“Unlike most business projectors, however, the ProBeam has a more table-friendly vertical build in place of that wide and horizontal frame we're used to, and weighs only 4.6 lbs,” writes Tech Radar’s Parker Wilhelm.

The ProBeam also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for speakers and headphones and is equipped with webOS software that gives you access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, et al.

“While LG hasn't mentioned prices yet, it appears the ProBeam is being marketed for home and leisure use, which could lead to a more consumer-level price - but that's not a guarantee,” Wilhelm added.

The projector will be showcased at the tech show CES in January next year.