1. LG releases projector that works in bright rooms

    As any home cinema enthusiast will know, trying to watch films and TV on a projector in a brightly lit room isn’t always easy. We all love light, but not so much when we’re trying to watch Breaking Bad - too much of it simply washes everything away and makes it nigh on impossible to watch.

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  2. LG set to debut first compact laser projector

    LG is to debut its first company laser projector specifically designed with home cinema enthusiasts in mind at global consumer electronics and technology tradeshow CES show in Las Vegas next month.

    The company said the LG ProBeam delivers 2,000 lumens in compact, portable form and offers the

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  3. Casio unveils new Ecolite range of projectors

    Casio unveils new Ecolite range of projectors Casio unveils new Ecolite range of projectors

    Technology manufacturer Casio has introduced three new models to its Ecolite series of eco-friendly, LampFree projectors, including the XJ-V2, XJ-V100W and XJ-V110W.

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  4. LG unveils Minibeam portable projectors

    LG unveils Minibeam portable projectors
    Top projector manufacturer LG has announced the launch of three new projectors as part of its Minibeam projector line.

    The new PH550, PW1000, and PW1500 projectors feature both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for increased freedom and portability, allowing customers to project images and videos

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  5. LG Minibeam continues to receive rave reviews

    The LG Minibeam PH300 has been described as the perfect projector for the 'business user on the go' in a recent review.

    Tech Radar reviewed LG's latest portable projector last week, praising its compact design and exceptional image quality.

    Weighing only 400 grams, the

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  6. LG unveils its smallest projector yet

    LG Electronics has unveiled the Minibeam Nano (Model PV150G) - its smallest, lightest and cheapest projector to date.

    The Minibeam Nano is built with portability in mind. At only 270 grams, the projector is lighter than your average paperback book, while its built-in wireless connectivity makes

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  7. LG reveals new Minibeam Projectors

    LG has announced it is releasing two new Minibeam Projectors to add to its range of portable audio-visual devices.

    The Minibeam Pro (Model PF1500) is being pitched by the company as the perfect portable home theatre solution, while the manufacturer says that the smaller Minibeam TV (Model PW800)

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  8. LG reveals new HD projector

    LG has revealed its latest HD projector, with the HD MiniBeam (model PH300) hailed as the company's smallest portable projection unit yet.

    The device will be available in several countries from this month and LG stated that the projector has "exceptional mobility"

    LG also

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  9. LG reveals new MiniBeam Bluetooth projector

    LG has revealed its latest MiniBeam Bluetooth projector, which the company announced will be released in Europe next month.

    The model PW700 has been hailed for its high level of portability and through its new Bluetooth connectivity, it can stream high quality sound wirelessly to any compatible

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  10. Projector watch to challenge big brand wearables

    A new projector watch designed and sold by US-based Ritot have been hailed as a rival to similar wearable projector devices produced by technology giants including Samsung, LG and Google.

    The "World's first projection watch" is unique in its field and capable of displaying any

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