Lenovo launches projector smartphone

Lenovo has revealed its latest innovation, a smartphone with an in-built pico projector.

No UK release date has yet been announced for the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone, but the device is arguably the most exciting new entry into the projector phone subsector.

Instead of merely being able to project movies and TV shows on to a wall, instead the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone can beam either a touchscreen or virtual keyboard on to any surface.

This means that it could enable people to work on their smartphones by using the projector as a virtual keyboard, while it will also be useful for playing fun mobile games.

The new product was announced at the Lenovo Tech World conference and while details of the device are still thin, the release of the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone is likely to cause excitement across the industry.

Lenovo is the biggest PC manufacturer in the world so any of its new innovations have to be closely studied. Although other companies have tested out phones with in-built projectors in the last few years, the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone seems to be the best so far.

The use of an integrated focus-free laser projector is a world first and the device will run Android.

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