Samsung says its SP-F10M LED data projector - with 1,000 ANSI lumens - will reduce hassle for anyone who owns it because it has no projector lamp to replace during its lifetime and has a light source guaranteeing more than 30,000 hours of brightness, colour intensity and range.

Representatives for the manufacturer have also suggested that LED devices will "revolutionise" the projector market.

"LED technology is a driving force in the development of this product which offers considerable brightness and colour intensity advantages, in addition to reduced environmental impact and TCO [total cost of ownership],” remarked Dominic Webb, general manager of Samsung's display division.

According to Samsung, eliminating the conventional halogen LCD bulb - which contains mercury filaments – from projectors dramatically reduces the "negative environmental effects" and costs associated with their disposal.

The LED is also said to maintain machines' brightness, in contrast to other projectors which can lose up to half over the life of a bulb. Greater colour intensity, in turn, allows for a more flexible projector which can be used on a blackboard or green board as well as white boards and screens – benefiting both the education and government marketplaces.