December saw the first mobile phone to support an optional integrated pico projector unveiled across the Atlantic. The LG eXpo runs on Texas Instruments' (TI) HVGA projection chip, while Samsung's recently-released W9600 has a projector built into its body thanks to TI's WVGA chip. Now, the firm's latest "DLP pico engine" has been revealed.

Dubbed the nHD, the new addition to the DLP pico suite is, in effect, a shrink of the WVGA chip in that it's 20 per cent thinner, occupies half as much volume and uses less power. It can therefore be used in regular handsets and not just the latest smartphones.

Unveiling the nHD at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, TI's Frank Moizio commented that it will provide "even more opportunities" for manufacturers to innovate with DLP.

"We believe this new nHD chipset sets new industry-leading benchmarks in pico projection - enabling products with the highest efficiency and brightness from the industry's thinnest, smallest physical footprint," he continued. "It achieves all of this with stunning picture quality."

Global manufacturers have already begun development on the nHD chipset, using its size, brightness and resolution advantages to design embedded mobile phones, cameras and other mobile devices.