While many projectors are aimed squarely at the corporate market, how about one that is focused on having fun in your own home?

The new Laser Twilight Stars Projector from Red5 allows an entire room, including ceiling and walls, to come alive with stars, planets and a stunning night sky. The 10” high device is capable of projecting green laser stars and blue clouds onto any flat surfaces in the room, and the images appear as if they are constantly in motion thanks to a rotation capability of 180º, therefore echoing the feel of a real night sky.

The projector makes use of green laser and holographic technology to create the images, as well as two built-in precision glass lenses. It also comes complete with a timer mechanism to turn it off – making it perfect for a child's bedroom as it will turn off automatically once it reaches the chosen time. The projector is even capable of sending an occasional shooting star across the night sky.

The unit – which is 10" tall x 9" wide x 7" deep – retails at around £105.