Laser Projectors

  1. 8 Essential Reasons to Choose Laser Projectors

    Laser projectors are still a step up in price but the gap between this technology and lamp projectors is shrinking with each new release. Making the move is becoming more and more worthwhile.

    Here are our top eight reasons why laser is fast becoming the only way to project, and why we think it’s time to make the switch.

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  2. Lamp vs. Laser Projectors – Which is Right for You?

    Laser projectors have really made their mark. They’re increasingly accessible for the majority of budgets and there really is a laser projector for just about every situation. 

    But they do still tend to come with a higher upfront cost than a lamp projector. So, while the market may have firmly turned towards a laser-based future, some people are still understandably asking the question: are laser projectors worth it?

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  3. The Best Meeting Room Laser Projectors for 2022

    Since March 2020, we’ve clearly seen that digital has the power to step in during times of crisis. Without the appropriate technology, flexible working would be nigh on impossible. As we move closer to pre pandemic life, projectors are examples of how tech can improve your professional life in previously unimagined ways, especially if you have downsized your office space.

    In short, a projector is a highly impactful tool that can help you impress clients and win business at a time when businesses are looking for growth. 

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  4. The Top 7 Laser Projectors For Businesses 2022

    The office laser projector market is bursting full of choice, with a variety of efficient and long-lasting devices available. The most effective projectors combine a high level of brightness, crystal clear image quality and installation flexibility.

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  5. The Best Meeting Room Laser Projectors for 2021

    Looking for the best meeting room laser projectors for 2021? Take a look at our roundup and find out how a projector could help your office adjust to the upheaval that has come in the wake of the pandemic.

    For so many of us, 2020 has fundamentally changed the way we work. If the business you work

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  6. The Top 5 Laser Projectors for Businesses

    We’ve noticed some interesting developments on the office laser projector front. The market is absolutely full of choice at the moment, with an incredible range of bright, efficient and surprisingly long-lasting devices on offer.

    If you’re looking for something to take your business further for

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  7. Projectors in 2019 – The Trends to Watch

    The last 12 months have presented a number of fascinating trends within the industry of projector technology. Demands for high-resolution projectors has remained solid from big business, but the kind of projectors they have been looking for has shifted, as new specs have proved increasingly popular.

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  8. The Best Meeting Room Laser Projectors for 2019

    If you want the image quality of your office presentations to be more than mediocre this year, you should probably consider investing in a new laser projector. In short, they’re the best way to guarantee amazing quality images with minimal maintenance.

    Finding the best projector doesn’t always mea

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  9. The New BenQ Laser 2018 Business Projector Line-up

    Even though the prices of consumer TV’s or professional displays has reduced in the last few years, there’s still a tipping point on screen size BenQ’s popularity in the projector world makes a compelling reason to go for a projector. Not only does the brand dominate the budget office projector space

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  10. Laser Projectors: What Are They and Are They Any Good?

    Today’s tech industry has developed something of a reputation for developing new technology just for another excuse to ramp up the prices. There’s been some concern that projector manufacturers have taken this angle with laser projection. But we don’t think so.

    They’re not right for everyone, but

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