Laser Projectors

  1. The Best Meeting Room Laser Projectors for 2021

    Looking for the best meeting room laser projectors for 2021? Take a look at our roundup and

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  2. The Top 5 Laser Projectors for Businesses

    We’ve noticed some interesting developments on the office laser projector front. The market i

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  3. Projectors in 2019 – The Trends to Watch

    The last 12 months have presented a number of fascinating trends within the industry of projector technology. Demands for high-resolution projectors has remained solid from big business, but the kind of projectors they have been looking for has shifted, as new specs have proved increasingly popular.

    No matter what kind of office projector businesses have been looking for, one thing has been abundantly clear, certainly from the sales data we have observed

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  4. The Best Meeting Room Laser Projectors for 2019

    If you want the image quality of your office presentations to be more than mediocre this year, you should probably consider investing in a new laser projector. In short, they’re the best way to guarantee amazing quality images with minimal maintenance.

    Finding the best projector doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive model you can find though. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best office projectors on the market today that fit a number of budgets and requirements.

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  5. The New BenQ Laser 2018 Business Projector Line-up

    Even though the prices of consumer TV’s or professional displays has reduced in the last few years, there’s still a tipping point on screen size BenQ’s popularity in the projector world makes a compelling reason to go for a projector. Not only does the brand dominate the budget office projector space, but it does so without sacrificing on image quality, so that serious small businesses have the perfect entry into the realm of projection. (The also make superb performing and spec-for-pound-sterling leadi

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  6. Lamp vs. Laser Projectors– Which is Right for You?

    At Projectorpoint we're seeing more and more interest in laser projectors, both from people

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  7. Laser Projectors: What Are They and Are They Any Good?

    Today’s tech industry has developed something of a reputation for developing new technology just for another excuse to ramp up the prices. There’s been some concern that projector manufacturers have taken this angle with laser projection. But we don’t think so.

    They’re not right for everyone, but laser projectors have some huge benefits over old lamp technology. We’ve delved in to the differences between the lamp and laser technology to bring you our top t

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  8. 8 Essential Reasons to Choose Laser Projectors

    Laser projectors are still a step up in price but the gap between this technology and lamp projectors is shrinking with each new release. Making the move is becoming more and more worthwhile.

    Here are our top eight reasons why laser is fast becoming the only way to project, and why we think it’s time to make the switch.

    If you’re looking for information on the technology itself don’t forget to check out our guide to laser projectors here.

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  9. Space to Impress: The Best Projectors for Large Rooms

    Large spaces need projectors that can shine more light over more space onto bigger screens to reach more people. So if you’re looking to pull off an engaging and impactful conference, lecture or meeting, you’re going to need the right technology for the job.

    Here’s a look at some of the challenges of projectors in large spaces and our recommendations for the best technology to overcome them.

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  10. The Best Projectors for Bright Meeting Rooms

    Getting projectors to work at their best in office environments has always been trickier than in a home cinema. There tends to be a whole lot more natural light in your office or meeting room then there is in your lounge. And since projectors and natural light are not the best of friends, this has the potential to cause some difficulty.

    Luckily, in recent years, the best projectors for offices have been getting steadily

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