The new Magic Cube projection device has been developed to provide a portable projected keyboard for use on mobile devices.

The virtual keyboard, which has been specifically adapted for use on smartphones and tablets, has been designed for mobile use and provides a large, fully operational keyboard using laser projection technology.

According to Associated News, the Magic Cube uses a mini laser projector to produce a 63-key QWERTY keyboard that allows for an input speed of greater than 50 words-per-minute and an error rate similar to that of regular keyboards.

The projection laser displays a keyboard layout measuring around 241 x 106mm onto any flat surface and recognises keystrokes through an invisible infrared laser combined with an optical sensor.

The interruption of the infared layer produces UV reflections that are recognised by the sensor in three dimensions, which then allows the Magic Cube to relay the chosen keyboard character to the mobile device.

The Magic Cube itself is designed to be compact and portable whilst creating a full-size keyboard. It can also be used as a multi-touch capable mouse and a handwriting recognition device, reducing the need for multiple devices.