A Finnish technology firm has unveiled what it claims is the smallest and most efficient green laser light source to date for pico projectors, digital cameras and smartphones.

EpiCrystals believes RGB (red, green and blue) laser technology will help “revolutionise” smartphones and handheld devices in the near future, enabling them to project photos, video presentations and movies on almost any surface with HD-level quality and resolution.

The company says it has patented a new, efficient way to produce laser light sources that will help manufacturers to bring the technology to the consumer market more quickly. These light sources can be produced at low cost, offer top quality images and take up minimal space inside devices.

Established in 2003, EpiCrystals’ products are based on patented technology solutions manufactured in mass volume through global supply chain partners.

Tomi Jouhti, the firm's vice president of business development, said, "We see the largest volume opportunity for our RGB laser module in the smartphone market, where the desired viewing experience and consumer expectations are very high.

"Our RGB laser modules’ bright colours and exceptional contrast are the reason for our ability to meet the individual and specific needs of the consumer," he added.