Laser 'cinema TV' projector launched by Hisense

Hisense has announced its latest offering, the VIDAA Max 100-inch Laser Cinema TV, which promises to ensure a home cinema experience at a reasonable price.

The VIDAA Max is a short throw laser projector which is able to beam an image measuring 100-inches from a distance of just two feet. The device makes use of a blue laser diode light source, which is capable of provide over 25,000 hours of viewing for users with no decrease in brightness or colour volumes.

The new Hisense device does not need its own dedicated display in order to work, meaning that it offers a simple, portable solution for those looking for a true home cinema experience.

Dr. Lin Lan, EVP of Hisense Group and GM of HiSense International Company, said: "Hisense is world renowned for its investment in and development of emerging technologies. We are proud to bring the VIDAA Max 100-inch Laser TV to the North American market and offer another example of our commitment to highly-efficient, low-power, high-quality products at an affordable price.”

The Hisense VIDAA Max comes with several connectivity options, including component, composite, VGA and USB ports, as well as Wi-Fi. It also boasts 5.8G wireless surround Bluetooth speakers.

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