Remarkable growth in the sales of solid-state illumination products are thought to be behind rapidly increasing worldwide projector shipments.

Research body, Pacific Media Associates (PMA), has said that worldwide sales for 2012 are likely to be 20 per cent higher than in 2011, with units set to exceed the 11 million mark this year.

PMA president, Dr William Coggshall, said that they were forecasting a healthy trade in short-throw and solid-state illumination technologies, including laser, hybrid laser/LED and LED projectors.

“Ultra-short-throw projectors and medium-throw projectors will remain strong segments in the projector industry, and are expected to show better than 25 per cent combined annual growth though the forecast period,” Dr Coggshall explained.

“But manufacturer strategies, government funding, and price sensitivities will continue to influence the mix of these projectors around the world. For example, markets like the United States, Western Europe, Canada, and Japan will move closer to a 50/50 mix of ultra-short-throw vs. medium-throw.”

He said that Australia, however, is likely to continue showing a preference for ultra-short-throw projectors, while China will show a heavier mix of medium-throw in the near term.

Dr Coggshall added that the increasing use of hybrid projectors and laser-based projectors in classrooms, conference rooms and cinemas will support strong growth throughout 2012 and 2013.