Large venue projectors: The pros and the cons
Large venue projectors are often considered the best of the best, and consistently trend towards the more expensive end of the projector market. Ideal for large auditoriums, museums and shows, these professional-standard devices provide the optimum image that can be perfectly manipulated to suit their surroundings.

Despite their obvious benefits, large venue projectors are not perfect for everyone or every environment. If you are considering using a large venue projector for your next function or event, have a quick read of our ProjectorPoint guide to the pros and cons of these top-end devices may help you make the right decision.

The Pros

The majority of the large venue projectors on the market will feature optional interchangeable lenses, which can range from short throw to ultra long throw. This ability to alter the focus of the projector can prove invaluable in larger venues, allowing users to create the optimum picture for the device's distance or positioning compared to the screen.

Projectors designed for larger venues are also more likely to have a high brightness level, which usually ranges from between 5,000 lumens to 20,000 or beyond. The Panasonic PT-DZ21KE achieves the impressive brightness level of 20,000 lumens, ensuring the ideal image quality even in ambient lighting. Users of the PT-DZ21KE also benefit from a more compact exterior, so an increase in quality doesn't have to mean sacrificing size.

Another positive for large venue projectors are their common edge blending capabilities, which make it possible for users to create a larger or more versatile image using multiple projectors. The compact Christie D12HD-H projector is one such device, providing the option of a warping feature that allows for quick and easy edge-blending or stacking with advanced grid control.

The Cons

Although the edge-blending technology can transform a large venue or event, the main issue with taking advantage of this capability is the need for multiple projectors. Not only does this mean double the budget, but it also means that any benefits secured from the more portable large venue projectors will soon become obsolete. Many auditorium and other large venues may even require three or four projectors, resulting in a need for appropriate transport to safely move them from A to B.

Speed of operation is another consideration when it comes to using a more advanced projector. Small office projectors regularly feature quick on and off times for ease of use, but larger projectors can take longer to set up due to the wide range of options available. This extended time, however, can result in higher quality image that can be perfectly adapted to suit any environment.

Unfortunately, all the technology available within the large venue projectors must also come at a some additional financial cost, and that cost is often higher than that of regular office or home cinema projectors. Although available for a wide range of budgets, the lower budget large venue projectors often do not fall below £800, while a low budget office projector can cost as little as £139. Of course, for those wishing to achieve the best image possible there is no substitute for the best, but budget should certainly be kept in mind when selecting the right projector for you.