Large format display technology boosted by E Ink

The E Ink technology – most commonly found on devices such as Amazon’s Kindle – is to make the leap to large format display applications following the launch of a new product.

E Ink Prism, which was revealed at the recent technology show, CES 2015, is aimed at users operating in indoor spaces, such as interior designers and architects. It makes use of E Ink’s bistable E Ink technology in order to provide full colour displays that are able to be programmed to form static or dynamic patterns.

Prism will also be able to be used for AV applications, offering an appealing alternative for digital signage applications, as it is sturdier and more robust that many of the current LCD and LED technologies. Prism displays could offer digital signage in a larger variety of shapes, meaning that it could stand apart from other technologies in existence in the digital signage arena.

It is also thought that Prism displays could be used as interactive navigation aids to help people find their way around – students on campus, for example. They could also be used as signage in corporate environments.

The Prism technology for large scale applications is tipped to be on offer from the end of this year.

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