LA movie-goers await next-generation laser projection system

Film fans in Los Angeles are about to have to do without a film projection IMAX theatre as it has been announced that the city’s IMAX screen is to be replaced with a laser projection system.

Cinema goers living in the film capital of the world used to be able to choose between the AMC Universal CityWalk venue and The Bridge venue if they wanted to view 70mm film IMAX. However, the CityWalk is now the only one left and it has confirmed that it is to upgrade its system to a more advanced laser projection system.

Executive director of corporate communications at IMAX, Adam Davis, told Slash Film: “AMC’s Universal CityWalk will continue to have both IMAX 70mm film and IMAX digital projection systems until we launch our next-generation laser projection system.

“We’re developing this new system from the ground up. We believe this new dual 4K laser technology…will be far superior to anything currently in the market and for years to come, delivering an experience that will be more visceral, brighter, razor-sharp and in fuller lifelike colours than anything available today,” he added.

Mr Davis went on to say that many of the city’s iconic theaters – including AMC’s Universal CityWalk and the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX – are also set to receive the new laser system.

The changes will not be implemented until next year at the earliest, he confirmed.

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