Kingsholm cinema installs 4K Ultra HD Sony projector
An independent boutique cinema in Kingsholm has installed a brand new 4K Ultra HD projector to rival the picture quality offered by local multiplexes, reports the Gloucester Citizen.

Sherborne Cinema spent around £30,000 on its new Sony SRX-R515P projector to improve the picture quality it was offering its customers by around four times compared to its previous model.

Customers have already reported to the Sherborne’s founder Mark Cunningham that the picture quality has dramatically improved as a result of the new installation. Kung Fu Panda 3 was the first 4K Ultra HD experience the 140-seat cinema offered to its multitude of loyal supporters.

The money was raised from the fantastic profits that the Sherborne has raised since it opened to the public in February 2015. And the local community is appreciative of the improved picture quality, with the new Sony projector bringing the retro art deco cinema firmly into the modern age.

Mr Cunningham said: "This is thanks to the public's support. It's worked pretty well since it opened.

"But the time comes when you say to the public: you supported us, so we want to have the best we can offer.

"It was time to bite the bullet and get the latest machine."

The independent boutique cinema had previously been relying on a second-hand digital projector, which was nearly a decade old and only offered cinema goers a 2K full HD resolution. However, the Sony SRX-R5151P has enabled the cinema to offer a 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is around four times sharper than the old model.

Mr Cunningham said of the new projector: "Several of the customers have commented on how much more depth there is to the picture. We were surprised by how noticeable the difference was.

"It's a lot of money to spend, so it's nice to feel that it has been justified.

"We can say the quality of the picture is the same as it is anywhere else. We want to say this is the best we can offer."