A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched to bring a robot projector to the market has hit its goal.

Keecker is described as a portable all-in-one computer that has both a full HD projector and a short-throw projector, as well as a 360 degree speaker system.

The company behind the product, which was displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier in the year, has already hit its $100,000 (£62,117) goal.

Keecker could now start shipping in the next few months, providing a new way forward for the projector industry in the future.

According to founder Pierre Lebeau, Keecker will provider consumers with a big screen experience in their own home.

He said: "It's a totally new type of computer, we call it a home pod. Keecker is creating something new - imagine your kids going to sleep with the milky way on the ceiling, or waking up to the Maldives."

Keecker could also double up as a home security system and allow people to check in on their pets while they are out of the house.

Mr Lebeau said: "When you're away, you can video chat and see what goes on at home."

The robot projector is controlled by a mobile phone app and can also run apps that are downloaded through the Google Play store via its Android system.