JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corporation, has unveiled its new DLA-2400ZG projector at the I/ITEC 2013 conference, which ran from the 2 to 5 of December in Orlando, FL.

Featuring JVC's own e-shift technology, the DLA-VS2400ZG provides alternative light source projection, which was showcased at the conference.

Designed for the simulation market, the alternative light source preserves the native contrast ratio and dynamic range of images with no restriction on mounting orientation.

The DLA-VS2400ZG also delivers a 5.1 megapixel equivalent image, along with a 18,000:1 native contrast ratio and a minimum of 900 ANSI lumens.

Providing ease of connectivity, the new simulation projector comes complete with two HDMI inputs, RS-232C and LAN connectivity for remote access and control, as well as a unique 120 Hz input interface, which ensures reduced image generator (IG) hardware requirements.

John Havens, marketing manager for JVC Visual Systems Division, said: “JVC continues to explore new technologies to improve images and performance."

He continued: “Our engineers are addressing the growing demand for a different type of illumination in future projects, which provides a more efficient light source without sacrificing image quality.”

The DLA-2400ZG is now available and comes with a 2x zoom lens and manual focus and lens shift.