The world's first THX® 3D display projectors have been officially certified in anticipation of their launch later this month.

News of the development of the four JVC home theatre projectors was made public at the CEDIA Expo in September, while they were undergoing THX testing. The Reference Series DLA-RS60 and DLA-RS50 and Procision Series DLA-X9 and DLA-X7 have now passed the certification process and are being readied for mass launch.

The process of certifying the models involved more than 400 laboratory tests which sought to evaluate the projectors' color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing. Each factor had to meet strict high-quality 3D and 2D display performance standards.

The approved projectors will feature one-button solutions to provide optimum playback performance of 3D and 2D films. The THX Cinema Mode will ensure that color reproduction, luminance, blacks, gamma and video processing matches what the original filmmakers intended.

THX 3D Cinema Mode is intended to project highly accurate color in 3D, while diminishing cross-talk and flicker. All THX Modes on JVC projectors will be able to be accessed by THX Professional Calibrators as well, for further fine-tuning.

The DLA-RS60 and DLA-X9 - considered to be the flagship models - will have native contrast ratios of 100,000:1 and will both come with two pairs of 3D glasses, along with a PK-EM1 3D Signal Emitter.