JVS have launched two new projectors, the X70 and the X90, which make use of e-Shift technology to deliver a new take on 4k2k technology.

True 4k2k technology clocks up a final on-screen resolution of 3840x2160. But the JVC devices portray images at 4096x2160. It does this through e-Shift by portraying a multiplication of the original 1920x1080 source image, rather than a true 4k2k image with individual image data in each pixel.

This could mean a slight loss in the quality, but there is still a very good level of pixel density available and the price difference between the JVC models and the more expensive devices with genuine 4k2k technology is also worth taking into account.

A 2D to 3D converter is also included on the gadgets, while 3D options will permit users to adjust the depth of the image. A crosstalk canceller is also included, which will hopefully deal with the problem of double ghosting images that often happens with an active 3D display.

An early projector review from Trusted Reviews found that the devices look quite promising and predicted that they could well be on many gadget fans' Christmas lists.