JVC’s new Procision DLA-X95R projector is a high-specification home cinema projector that will allow users to replicate the quality of a professional cinema in their own homes.

The new projector is part of the new generation of devices that are being credited with delivering significant improvements in viewing quality and picture performance in home set-ups.

The DLA-X95R is at the forefront of the incorporation of e-shift2 technology, which is available in seven new JVC projectors, allowing for the pristine conversion of 2D content to a 4K signal. Other pioneering technology featured on the device includes an overhauled illumination system and a polarising wire grid that provides higher native contrast.

The projector is also 3D-enabled and provides exceptionally detailed images without the imperfections commonly associated with standard HD technology. The proprietary JVC algorithms work on the polarising wire grid engine, replacing a two-band filter with an eight-band filter, correcting more areas of the pictures.

The DLA-X95R also features an all-new lamp and power supply, delivering improved consistency and performance over the long lifespan of the lamp, which is under warranty for one year or a thousand hours.