A 4K projector range has been launched by JVC, designed for use a home cinema systems.

The DLA-X90R, DLA-X70R and the DLA-X30 offer high picture quality, 3D performance and an enhanced level of functionality. Meanwhile, the top two models integrate JVC's 4K e-shift technology, which is capable of converting 2D HD content with full 4K precision.

Included in the adjustment process are user adjustments for 3D depth and subtitle geometry correction. Meanwhile, the 3D anamorphic feature makes it possible to watch 3D movies in 2:35 scope format.

Viewers who do opt for the 3D models will benefit from an improved driver that is capable of keeping the shutter on the active shutter 3D glasses open longer. This means that more light is allowed to enter and crosstalk is minimised, delivering brighter 3D images than previous models were capable of.

The top two models boast even better image quality, delivering enhanced installation adjustment, an upgraded optical engine to improve black level and native contrast, an expanded range of colour profiles, three Xenon projector lamp colour modes to emulate high-end movie projectors, and ISF and THX calibration through corresponding software.