JVC has joined electronics brands in making the leap into the third dimension, with the launch of three new 3D projectors.

The range is led by the brand's flagship DLA-X9 model, which boasts an impressive native contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and is able to display 3D images from most sources, including 3D Blu-ray and Sky 3D, through the use of its active shutter glases. It is joined in it launch by the DLA-X7 and DLA-X3 models.

The leading projector is powered by JVC's third-generation D-ILA optical engine and features several new developments, including a redesigned Device Driver and Wire Grid for improved black level reproduction and smooth gradation of colours. 

Due to the need to use 3D glasses, the projector does require a brighter lamp than non-3D models, so boasts 220W of power, instead of the 200W found in the brand's previous projectors. This lamp gives a brightness level of 1,300 lumens, while a combination of the new Short-Arc High-Efficiency UHP Lamp with 16-step lens and Lamp Double Aperture results in the staggeringly high contrast ratio.

Both the flagship DLA-X9 and the DLA-X7 are THX-certified, enabling them to display a wide range of video content at maximum resolution with the correct colour and brightness levels. The two models have also been given approval by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and both include an ISF C3 mode for professional calibration. All three models are equipped with HDMI 1.4 connections.