JVC finds shortcut to producing first 8K projector

Electronics company JVC is getting ready to launch one of the first ever 8K projectors in Japan later this month.

Following the creation of a prototype in 2008, the electronics giant has managed to create an 8K projector using 4K technology, enabling viewers to watch an 8K image from a 4K source.

With a lack of 8K components on the market, JVC use two 4K images to create the appearance of an 8K image via their DLA-VS4800 projector.

The image is achieved by projecting two images at the same time; the projector's D-ILA display panel is half the resolution at 4,096 x 2,400.

The device projects two images at 120HZ and slightly shifts them diagonally by a single pixel which creates double the resolution. This effect is created by JVC's e-shift technology and means that the 4K image looks like a high-resolution 8K image to the viewer.

Unfortunately, JVC's innovative technology comes at a price. As the first '8K' projector aimed at the consumer market, it is expected to sell for over £173,000 on the market. This price is excluding the four optional lenses which are yet to be priced by the company.

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