Electronics company JVC is getting ready to launch one of the first ever 8K projectors in Japan later this month.

Following the creation of a prototype in 2008, the electronics giant has managed to create an 8K projector using 4K technology, enabling viewers to watch an 8K image from a 4K source.

With a lack of 8K components on the market, JVC use two 4K images to create the appearance of an 8K image via their DLA-VS4800 projector.

The image is achieved by projecting two images at the same time; the projector's D-ILA display panel is half the resolution at 4,096 x 2,400.

The device projects two images at 120HZ and slightly shifts them diagonally by a single pixel which creates double the resolution. This effect is created by JVC's e-shift technology and means that the 4K image looks like a high-resolution 8K image to the viewer.

Unfortunately, JVC's innovative technology comes at a price. As the first '8K' projector aimed at the consumer market, it is expected to sell for over £173,000 on the market. This price is excluding the four optional lenses which are yet to be priced by the company.