JVC debuts new 4K native projector
Electronics manufacturer JVC has announced the launch of a new home theatre projector featuring the company's native 4K D-ILA device.

The DLA-Z1 boasts laser light source "Blu-Escent", which produces a brightness level of 3,000 lumens, as well as dynamic light source control unique to the laser technology.

Alongside an impressive lifetime of 20,000 hours, the new projector offers a high brightness, high quality 4K picture, produced via a new lens dedicated to the creation of native 4K images.

Other features delivered by the device include a new Cinema Filter with wide colour range and JVC's original blur reduction technology known as "Clear Motion Drive", which is compatible up to 4K60P.

Blurring is also reduced via the DLA-Z1's integrated "Motion Enhance" technology, which specifically focuses on minimising motion blurs through the optimisation of the D-ILA devices.

For uses in variable environments, the "Auto Calibration Function" has been included to help calibrate each picture to ensure its optimised according to the environment for impressive clarity and quality.

Thanks to the inclusion of a 100mm diameter lens, compared to the conventional 65mm, the DLA-Z1 boasts the technology to provide 4K resolution to the edge of the screen. This even applies to screens of over 200 inches and each of the projector's in-built setup ranges, which include a wide shift range of 100 per cent vertical and 43 per cent horizontal.

To ensure your experience is unique to you, JVC's new device includes the ten installation modes for the creation of a collective management of settings, with favourites including Lens Memory, Pixel Adjust and Screen Mask. Each of these should be adjusted depending on the installation to ensure you get the most from your projector.

The DLA-Z1's first preview has already taken place at IFA Berlin, with a second due at CEDIA Expo 2016 in September. The device is then expected to be released across Europe in late November.