1. The 6 Best Home Cinema Projectors For 2022

    The quality of projectors has rocketed in the past few years, and prices have gone down too. Cinema projectors bring the big screen experience into your home. Imagine being able to watch your team scoring a goal in 4K resolution, with detail so sharp that you can see every blade of grass on that football pitch. For images like this, you’ll need one of the finest home cinema projectors on the market.

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  2. JVC's new projector gets THX certification

    JVC's new projector gets THX certification
    JVC is aiming to attract movie fans that want to recreate the cinema experience at home with its latest DLA-RS4500 projector.

    The new model is the first home theatre projector to be a THX certified projector. It uses a laser-light source and a 4K D-ILA device. The projector offers viewers an impressive 3,000 lumens of brightness through a BLU-Escent phosphor light engine. It also offers 20,000 hours of operation. The performance allows the device to be used with a screen measuring up to 200 inches. It's Wide Color Gamut technology means that blacks are deeper and colours, in turn, are more vivid.

    The look of the new JVC projector is also extremely impressive, with an aluminium and matte black finish and gold flourishes are even added for a premium feel. The price tag is, of course, also at a premium to reflect the high-end finishes and the THX certification also adds to the price tag, which comes in at $35,000.

    Gamers will particularly like the low-latency mode, which helps to reduce the lag between game play and what is shown on the screen.

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  3. JVC debuts new 4K native projector

    JVC debuts new 4K native projector
    Electronics manufacturer JVC has announced the launch of a new home theatre projector featuring the company's native 4K D-ILA device.

    The DLA-Z1 boasts laser light source "Blu-Escent", which produces a brightness level of 3,000 lumens, as well as dynamic light source control unique to the laser technology.

    Alongside an impressive lifetime of 20,000 hours, the new projector offers a high brightness, high quality 4K picture, produced via a new lens dedicated to the creation of native 4K images.

    Other features delivered by the device include a new Cinema Filter with wide colour range and JVC's original blur reduction technology known as "Clear Motion Drive", which is compatible up to 4K60P.

    Blurring is also reduced via the DLA-Z1's integrated "Motion Enhance" technology, which specifically focuses on minimising motion blurs through the optimisation of the D-ILA devices.

    For uses in variable environments, the "Auto Calibration Function" has been included to help calibrate each picture to ensure its optimised according to the environment for impressive clarity and quality.

    Thanks to the inclusion of a 100mm diameter lens, compared to the conventional 65mm, the DLA-Z1 boasts the technology to provide 4K resolution to the edge of the screen. This even applies to screens of over 200 inches and each of the projector's in-built setup ranges, which include a wide shift range of 100 per cent vertical and 43 per cent horizontal.

    To ensure your experience is unique to you, JVC's new device includes the ten installation modes for the creation of a collective management of settings, with favourites including Lens Memory, Pixel Adjust and Screen Mask. Each of these should be adjusted depending on the installation to ensure you get the most from your projector.

    The DLA-Z1's first preview has already taken place at IFA Berlin, with a second due at CEDIA Expo

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  4. JVC confirms native 4K projector launch

    Technology experts JVC have confirmed the launch of a brand new high-end native 4K home cinema projector later this year.

    According to JVC, more details about the new device will be released on 11 October. However, the company has suggested a move away from its well-established e-shift faux 4K stance and towards native 4K technology.

    Dubbed the Blu-Escent, the new device is set to have it's official UK launch at Mercedes Benz World, but the company is expected to released further information at the IFA 2016 exhibition in Berlin between 2 and 7 September, and the CEDIA Expo in Dallas between 13 and 17 September.

    Currently, the native 4K market is dominated by industry giant Sony, which has previously released a number of models as part of its SXRD 4K range. However, the announcement from JVC looks set to signal a shift in the market.

    Sony is also set to face competition from rapidly expanding projector specialists Texas Instruments, which has already launched a new DLP projector solution that's set to hit the retail stores via its partners later in 2016.

    JVC's own D-ILA is set to remain under wraps for now, but the company has revealed that the new device will be able to support Ultra HD content.

    Based on laser light technology, the new projector will replace the company's previous lamp module with a solid state light source consisting of a laser block and a reflective phosphor wheel. More efficient than its transmissive counterpart, the reflective wheel will reduce optical loss and increase luminance efficiency, creating a high brightness and high contrast experience for home cinema fans.

    The D-ILA is also set to feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, which will allow it to take on some of the industry's biggest competition, including the award-winning Sony VPL-VW300ES and Sony VPL-VW520ES projectors.

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  5. New BLU-Escent laser hybrid projector line launched by JVC

    JVC Visual Systems Division has announced the launch of its new BLU-Escent laser hybrid illumination projector technology.

    Displaying the technology for the first time at the recent raining and simulation event I/ITSEC 2014, held in Orlando, Florida, the company showed off its DLA-VS2500ZG and DLA-VS2300ZG projectors to attendees. Both of the projectors are aimed at meeting the requirements for simulation and visualisation applications.

    The DLA-VS2500 and DLA-VS2300 represent the first three-chip laser hybrid projectors that have been specifically designed for simulation, and each of them have been created in order to meet FAA Level D and ICAO regulatory requirements.

    Jack Faiman, senior vice president, JVC Visual Systems Division, told AV Network: "The simulation and training industry has been eager to see projection solutions that offer exceptionable image quality with long life and a reasonable price point. We think the DLA-VS2500 and DLA-VS2300 perfectly hit this sweet spot.”

    The JVC BLU-Escent hybrid technology boasts an increased light output and greater light output adjustment range with auto intensity function, as well as more consistent colorimetry.

    The VS2500 projector also comes with JVC’s e-shift technology, which means that the image is shifted by 1/2 pixel in the diagonal direction at 120Hz, making it capable of achieving 3840 x 2160 precision.

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  6. BenQ and Epson among Projector Reviews award winners

    Projector Reviews has handed out awards as part of its Best Home Theater Projectors report.

    The projectors were divided up into categories depending on their price and the winning device in the most expensive class was the Sony VPL-VW600ES, beating the JVC DLA-RS49/RS4910/X500R into second place.

    At the bottom of the price range there was a tie for the best in class award between the BenQ W1070 and Epson's Pro Cinema 4030, while second spot went to the Epson Home Cinema 2000/2030.

    Commenting on the Best Home Theater Projectors report, editor and founder of Projector Reviews Art Feierman stated that the home theatre projector market is "maturing" and the overall quality of new devices has continued to improve.

    He said: "This year's crop of top home theatre projectors may be smaller than last year, but the winners are truly impressive. In fact, only one of our award winners was even shipping 15 months ago. All in all, this year's best projectors raised the bar a good bit."

    Mr Feierman added that in the next few months it is likely there will be various new revolutionary projectors released on to the market.

    Pico projectors are an area of the industry that is growing particularly rapidly, while a company in the US recently revealed it is releasing an in-car projector for use while driving.

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  7. Review: JVC DLA-X500 3D projector

    The JVC DLA-X500 projector is the latest update of JVC's D-ILA projection system. Based on the X55 model, the X500 is capable of a contrast ratio of 600,000:1, or 60,000:1 without the use of the dynamic iris technology.

    Designed with a similar layout to the previous JVC projector models, the DLA-X500 includes air exhaust vents on either side, adjustable feet and rear connections, while the main body remains relatively large at 455 x 179 x 472mm.

    The connectivity options available on the X500 include LAN and RS232C ports, a 12V trigger port, an external 3D transmitter and two HDMI connections capable of handling native 4K content of up to 30 frames per second.

    The projector also features e-shift 3 4K technology, allowing it to support up to 60FPS native 4K images. This is achieved by scanning content pixel by pixel and projecting two full HD images in line, creating the illusion of a 3820 x 2160 resolution 4K display.

    Other features of JVC's latest model include a motorised lens adjustment control, which allows remote zoom, focus and image shift. The lens is also enhanced by the firm's Lens Memory function, which allows the user to store up to five focus and zoom combinations to make image adjustment even simpler.

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  8. JVC unveils new simulation projector

    JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corporation, has unveiled its new DLA-2400ZG projector at the I/ITEC 2013 conference, which ran from the 2 to 5 of December in Orlando, FL.

    Featuring JVC's own e-shift technology, the DLA-VS2400ZG provides alternative light source projection, which was showcased at the conference.

    Designed for the simulation market, the alternative light source preserves the native contrast ratio and dynamic range of images with no restriction on mounting orientation.

    The DLA-VS2400ZG also delivers a 5.1 megapixel equivalent image, along with a 18,000:1 native contrast ratio and a minimum of 900 ANSI lumens.

    Providing ease of connectivity, the new simulation projector comes complete with two HDMI inputs, RS-232C and LAN connectivity for remote access and control, as well as a unique 120 Hz input interface, which ensures reduced image generator (IG) hardware requirements.

    John Havens, marketing manager for JVC Visual Systems Division, said: “JVC continues to explore new technologies to improve images and performance."

    He continued: “Our engineers are addressing the growing demand for a different type of illumination in future projects, which provides a more efficient light source without sacrificing image quality.”

    The DLA-2400ZG is now available and comes with a 2x zoom lens and manual focus and lens shift.

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  9. New JVC projector 'offers highest native and dynamic contrast yet'

    JVC claims that its latest line of home cinema projectors offer the highest native and dynamic contrast the industry has seen yet.

    With its latest line, the firm aims to improve home cinema viewing significantly. The image quality improvements have been made possible thanks to a new imaging device, upgrades to JVC’s e-shift technology, 4K source compatibility, and the implementation of Intelligent LensAperture, which users can select themselves. All the new projectors are also 3D-enabled.

    A spokesperson for JVC explained: “The new JVC projectors use three sixth generation JVC D-ILA imaging devices. This new device features a pixel gap that’s 40 per cent narrower than the previous chip for a smoother picture, a 10 per cent improvement in light efficiency for a light output of 1,300 lumens, and improved native contrast, which is also enhanced by a new, third generation wire grid optical engine.”

    The projectors in the 2014 range also feature two memory settings for pixel convergence. These can be used to store correction settings for external lenses. A new smartphone app is being introduced, which allows users to control the projector and picture settings remotely.

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  10. JVC finds shortcut to producing first 8K projector

    Electronics company JVC is getting ready to launch one of the first ever 8K projectors in Japan later this month.

    Following the creation of a prototype in 2008, the electronics giant has managed to create an 8K projector using 4K technology, enabling viewers to watch an 8K image from a 4K source.

    With a lack of 8K components on the market, JVC use two 4K images to create the appearance of an 8K image via their DLA-VS4800 projector.

    The image is achieved by projecting two images at the same time; the projector's D-ILA display panel is half the resolution at 4,096 x 2,400.

    The device projects two images at 120HZ and slightly shifts them diagonally by a single pixel which creates double the resolution. This effect is created by JVC's e-shift technology and means that the 4K image looks like a high-resolution 8K image to the viewer.

    Unfortunately, JVC's innovative technology comes at a price. As the first '8K' projector aimed at the consumer market, it is expected to sell for over £173,000 on the market. This price is excluding the four optional lenses which are yet to be priced by the company.

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