JmGO to launch Android projector at CES
Chinese projector manufacturer JmGO has revealed that it plans to make its US and European debut at the CES 2016 conference with its new JmGO View Android projector.

A simply designed, circular projector, the View features only one button and boasts the technology to produce images of up to 180 inches with a resolution of 1280x730p and the option of 3D projection.

Not only that, but the View is also run from the Android 4.4 operating system, making it easy for users to project videos and images without the need to connect other devices.

Just to bring the projector that little bit further into the 21st Century, the JmGO View has the option of being controlled via an official mobile app over Wi-Fi, as opposed to the traditional projector remote, making this at-home projector even simpler to enjoy.

Self-sufficient, the JmGO View is surrounded by a set of speakers and even includes 16 GB of internal storage space so users can keep their videos and photos accessible within one touch of a button.

Although not based on brand new technology, the JmGO View aims to build upon the precedent set by popular players in the European market including the BenQ W2000.

Claiming almost as much self-sufficiency as JmGO's new Western offering, the BenQ W2000 offers an image of up to 236 inches at a resolution of 1920x1080p Full HD, with the added option of side projector with 2D keystone, allowing users to place their projector anywhere in their room without creating a trapezoid effect on the image.

Specifically aimed at the home cinema market, the BenQ W2000 also offers internal CinemaMaster audio through 20-watt speakers that can turn any room into a world-class home cinema instantly.

In addition to the traditional all-inclusive projector features, this low-budget BenQ home cinema offering also includes a low dispersion all glass lens, which adds an extra level of clarity to the images that is hard to match within the sub-£1,000 price range.