It has been revealed that the 2009 album cover belonging to rap star Jay Z was shot using a projector, highlighting the numerous uses of the equipment.

The cover art – which was for Jay Z's 'Blueprint 3' album, featured a photograph of a large pile of musical instruments and recording equipment. It also had three thick red lines of what looked like paint across the front of the cover.

Now, it has been revealed that the cover art was not created using photoshop as many have assumed, but rather by using projections. The musical equipment was painted white and stacked in the corner of a room, while the lights were dimmed and a projector was used to 'paint' the three red lines across the image.

Red paint was then used to daub the areas that were highlighted by the projection. Once painted, the projected image of paint lines was removed and the photograph was taken of the finished article.

According to Peta Pixel, the photographer behind the cover art was Dan Tobin Smith, who spoke to the 'It's Nice That' publication in an interview, saying: “I love still life, and the way I shoot is quite old school. It took 3 days to shoot, was all shot on 10×8 inch film, so the quality in the whites is fantastic, so much subtle tone.

“We worked long and hard on the colour work...You could blow the image up to the size of a building and it would still hold up. It seems the album is about that old school crafted production so its nice that that same method went into the shoot,” Smith went on to say.