A Japanese electronics developer has unveiled an updated version of its bolt-on iPhone projector device, which also recharges a phone’s battery.

The mini PRJ011 iPhone charger/projector peripheral has been made by Sanwa and is an upgraded version of the model it unveiled in January this year. It now works with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models and is fitted with a new 1,850mAh battery that can recharge the smartphone's battery up to 80 per cent.

The projector is capable of displaying media stored on an iPhone on to walls or flat surfaces, including pictures, movies, documents and presentations. The projector has a running time of 120 minutes when fully charged, but the main improvement of the new model is that the projector offers new model offers three times the brightness of its predecessor. The new PRJ011 is capable of generating 35 lumens of brightness on images up to 60 inches in size, in contrast to the 12 lumens of brightness that the previous model was capable of.

The device is currently only available to consumers in Japan, at a cost of around £195, and there has not yet been word on a UK release.