Employees at a company in Japan can take time away from their desks to relax at a virtual beach that has been created in their office.

Bosses at venture company Bizreach used 3D projector technology to create a tropical beach area in its reception, reports GMA News Online.

Workers at the Tokyo office can stretch out on a carpet of sand, while the area is also used as a space to welcome visitors.

Staff member Ayami Oda said: "It's air-conditioned in here, so it's a bit different from the hot summer beach, but other than that I feel almost like I'm working on a beach. And the sound of the waves help me concentrate."

Bizreach chief executive officer Soichiro Minami explained the reason the firm created the virtual beach in its office was to encourage members of staff to "think more freely, become more creative, and come up with more unique ideas".

The Bizreach beach is an indication of the innovative ways companies are using projector technology, with virtual reality likely to be a strong area of growth for the sector in the future.