Japanese technology firm Cerevo has launched a home projector robot that turns your ceilings, walls and floors into displays.

Named Tipron, the US$2,299.00 (£1,800) device is an internet-connected projection robot that’s designed to move around a home, projecting visual content onto surfaces at set days and times.

For example: you could project a relaxing YouTube video from 7:00 to 7:30 am every morning on the ceiling of your bedroom, followed by morning news headlines to the living room wall from 7:30 to 8:00 am using a news site RSS feed.

Once it’s completed its scheduled actions, Tipron returns to its charging station automatically.

Cerevo said its product is not designed to replace a TV or home projector - rather it is designed to quietly go about its business and requires little input from the user.

The robot is operated via a smartphone app. Users specify the location, time and type of projection content they want then Tipron will move to the specified place at the set time.

“Sci-fi anime and movies sometimes have a scene where all walls at home are becoming digital displays…it would be possible to re-create it in real life if actual displays are embedded”, but it would cost too much,
Cerevo chief executive officer Takuma Iwasa said at a news conference in Tokyo, Japan Times reported.

“We came up with Tipron to solve that issue. If the robot has a projector on its head and can move around independently, it is theoretically possible to project images on every wall,” he added.