Faithful iPhone users have a new dock option available to them, in the form of the Optoma DV20A Neo-I, which boasts a video projector and high-quality speaker to display content from the mobile devices.

The device offers outstanding multi-media capabilities for people looking to share and display films and media, whether downloaded from the internet or recorded on the iPhone’s own camera. Optoma technicians have managed to incorporate DLP Pico technology in the dock, which also features a mini-plug AV input socket, with allows for the displaying of supporting stereo audio and composite video.

The other connectivity options include HDMI and VGA ports, while the LED light source for the projector is capable of lasting more then 20,000. The images can be projected in wide screen up to a diagonal size of as much as 120-inches. It has a contrast ration of 2,000:1 and provides a complete onscreen menu for ease of adjustment.

The device itself is light-weight – coming in at just 2.2lbs – and at 12.8 by 3.1 by 8.9 inches, is portable and convenient enough to be set up in any suitable location. The two eight-Watt speakers optimise the sound and bass quality with DSP and Bass Reflex technology.