IPEVO releases 60" projection screen

Technology designer and manufacturer IPEVO has released a new product aimed at advancing the education market.

The IPEVO 60 inch Projection Screen with Magnetic Backing is a thin and lightweight sheet designed to turn any flat surface into a whiteboard projection screen.

The screen can be directly affixed to an existing whiteboard or other magnetic surface without adhesive to provide a projection screen ideal for teaching.

Measuring 35.2 x 47.2 inches, the screen is the equivalent of a 60 inch television screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The screen also provides high quality images thanks to a unique coating that delivers true colour reflection as well as enhanced contrast and sharpness.

The projection screen is ideal for education and teaching thanks to a 180 degree viewing angle, ensuring that all members of the audience can view images, and a glare reduction associated with the screen's coating.

Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design for IPEVO, said: "The Projection Screen was the next logical step after our development of the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System."

She continued: "Now with the Projection Screen, teachers have a high-quality surface in which to present interactive material, a surface which can be mounted almost anywhere and removed just as easily for next time."

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