Fans of the Apple iPad have put a 3D holographic projector among the pieces of technology they would most like to see included in the next generation of the popular device.

The technology giant is due to unveil the latest incarnation of the pioneering tablet at an event on Wednesday in San Francisco, and a group of fans from tech company, Aatma Studios, have preempted the release with their own video on what they want from the new iPad.

The 3D projector has become a high priority, since the development of the technology that would enable such a facility. Aatma’s video included prototype new model that featured a number of concepts that they believe are now realistic and imminent additions to the iPad.

“Key highlights of the iPad Concept features include edge-to-edge screen, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC) and 3D holographic display for multiplayer games,” the studio said of the prototype.

The projector system proposed by Aatma would allow for advanced interactive gaming. They demonstrated it with a virtual American football game, which saw projectors hidden inside the iPad make a holographic 3D pitch appear – complete with players running around – while a second set of projectors would place controllers on a flat surface, converting a table top, for example, into a big interactive gaming space.